In the Platooners slot, you will meet the heroes from the Bloopers slot machine. They will appear before you in the form of militants armed with various firearms who went into the jungle in order to defeat the snakes guarding the gold and help you earn good prizes. Platooners is an exciting slot with 5 reels, 4 rows and 178 paylines, special symbols and a bonus game. Defeat all the enemies and return home with a good reward!

"Platooners" slots game from provider ELK Gaming is a great game for those who like an exciting and thrilling slots experience. The game has a unique theme, incorporating World War II imagery and a plot line involving a team of misfit soldiers. It also has plenty of bonus features such as sticky wilds, wild substitutions, and respins among others. The game is packed full of exciting graphics and animations that are sure to keep players engaged while they play. The low volatility of the game also makes it ideal for those who don't want to risk much but still want to win big. The game offers plenty of winning potential, making it one of the most popular slots games available.

Platooners is an innovative online slot game from ELKGaming that offers hours of fun and rewarding play. The game is set in a fantastical military universe where soldiers take part in intense battles. As players spin the five reels and collect colourful symbols, they can trigger special features, multipliers and more. The game also offers a unique and entrancing soundtrack that enhances the atmosphere. With its creative design and substantial jackpot, Platooners offers an exciting and exciting experience for slots players of all levels.

  • What bonus features are included in the Platooners slots game by ElkGaming?
    The Platooners slots game by ElkGaming includes bonus features such as Multiplier Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Free Spins, and a Grenade bonus.
  • How are the Platooners characters incorporated in the game?
    The Platooners characters are fully integrated into the game as playable characters that can be used within the various game modes. Players will be able to customize their characters with different weapons and armor, as well as control their platoon's decisions and movements, while forming alliances and battling against other players. Additionally, the Platooners characters have their own unique skills and characteristics that will be of great benefit throughout the game.
  • How have ElkGaming improved their Platooners slots game since its initial release?
    ElkGaming has improved Platooners slots game since its initial release by adding new features and bonuses, expanding the game’s selection of characters, allowing for new visuals and sound effects, as well as introducing randomly generated wilds and bonus rounds. Additionally, the game has more challenge levels, improved visuals and physics, as well as new playing styles, including the ability to link the game to Facebook. Finally, the game also includes improved audio and more speed options.
  • Does the Platooners game offer free spins?
    No, the Platooners game does not offer any free spins.
  • What jackpots can be won while playing Platooners?
    Platooners has an unlimited progressive jackpot concept which can be triggered at any time. When the win amount is reached, the jackpot will reset and the winnings will be divided randomly among all players who have placed bets on that game.
  • What is the minimum bet required to play Platooners?
    The minimum bet required to play Platooners is 0.20 coins per spin.
  • What kind of graphics and animations can be found in Platooners?
    Platooners features a variety of high-quality 3D graphics and animations. From the vibrant and detailed game environment to the game characters and their animations as they battle against each other. Animations play a key part in the game experience, as players enjoy the action of a classic shoot-em-up game, with explosive special effects, vibrant explosions and mind-blowing creature designs.
  • Are there any extra Respins or retriggers featured in Platooners?
    No, there are no extra Respins or retriggers featured in Platooners.
  • How many paylines does Platooners have?
    Platooners has 30 fixed paylines.
  • Are there any Wilds or Scatter symbols in the Platooners slots game?
    Yes, there are Wilds and Scatter symbols in Platooners slots game. Wilds can be used to complete winning combinations, while Scatter symbols will trigger bonuses or free spins.

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Informação básica
Modelo Slots
RTP 96.3%
Desenvolvedor ELKGaming
Ano de publicação October 16th, 2020
Compatível com dispositivos móveis Yes
Avaliação 4/5 (814)
Previsão 96.3%
Disponibilidade de bônus No
Reprodução automática -
Rotação Rápida -
Níveis de moedas -
Aposta por rodada USD 0.10 – USD 100
Ajustar linhas de pagamento -
Rodadas Grátis -
Rodada de bônus -
Progressivo -
Multiplicador -
Jogar -
Carretel -
Linhas -
Linhas de pagamento -
Linhas Pagar -
Em ambos os sentidos -

Platooners Slots Visão geral do RTP

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Se você jogou caça-níqueis online, com certeza já se deparou com o termo RTP. Significa Return to Player e mostra a porcentagem teórica de todo o dinheiro apostado no slot que é pago aos jogadores como ganhos. O RTP dos slots online pode variar muito. Enquanto alguns têm um RTP consideravelmente baixo de apenas 75 %, , outros podem chegar até os anos noventa. The Platooners Slots RTP is 96.3%.

O RTP indica a lucratividade geral que você pode esperar jogando, não conta toda a história. Na verdade, não diz nada sobre a variação. Os jogadores experientes de caça-níqueis provavelmente estão familiarizados com conceitos avançados de caça-níqueis. No entanto, para aqueles de vocês com um pouco menos de experiência, vamos explicá-los com mais detalhes. The Platooners Slots

A variação, muitas vezes referida como volatilidade, é uma e a mesma coisa. Eles explicam o risco envolvido em jogar um determinado slot. Baixa volatilidade significa jogabilidade de baixo risco e alta volatilidade significa alto risco. Dá-lhe uma compreensão de quantas vezes as vitórias são atingidas e quão grandes são esses pagamentos. Quando você joga um slot de alta variância, as vitórias são raras. No entanto, quando você ganha, os pagamentos tendem a ser grandes. Os slots de baixa variação, por outro lado, têm uma alta frequência de acertos, com muitas vitórias menores.


Platooners Slots Visão geral do RTP

Platooners Slots  (ELKGaming) Básico Platooners Slots 96.3%
Scratch Alpaca Bronze Lottery Lowest Known RTP 90% European Roulette Table Games3 Highest Known RTP 99%

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